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Systems Overview

AI’s’ complete solution to your fixed asset management needs includes user-friendly, cost-effective, robust asset management systems. AI’s complete solution leverages the audit and reconciliation services to yield immediate ROI and AI’s fixed asset management systems streamline the ongoing management process. AI’s asset management systems are built with the latest technology and are thoroughly utilized on a day-to-day basis during Assertive’s Asset Management Service work and by clients nationwide- Equifax, Medical University of SC, Activision & William Blair.

PEER Fixed Assets Management

PEER Fixed Assets Management System has been developed over the last 10 years, incorporating the latest technology platforms, mobile computing device/mobile app compatibility, and database options to meet the needs of a demanding marketplace. PEER Fixed Assets Management provides the complete solution to your organizations’ fixed asset management needs with a database option of your choosing: Access, SQL Server, or Oracle. PEER enables clients to manage fixed assets through barcode technology utilizing mobile devices to manage receipts, transfers, inventories, and retirements quickly and easily. PEER’s depreciation capabilities allow for straightforward reporting of book and tax depreciation values. PEER is used by Assertive on a daily basis to provide fixed asset audit and reconciliation services. This gives us the advantage of understanding how our clients will use the system on an ongoing basis and facilitates the continued improvement of the product line. We look forward to presenting PEER and all its capabilities.


PEER For PDA integrates with PEER Fixed Assets Management to enable you to use the mobile computing device of your choice- smartphone, tablet or portable data collection scanner (PDA)  to receive, transfer, inventory and retire assets on the go. PEER For PDA allows you to use a mobile device/PDA to scan barcodes, capture asset information and sync the changes to PEER Fixed Assets Management System easily. Giving those most responsible for physical receipts, transfers, inventories and retirements the tools to capture these changes while in the field is a major benefit to our clients. Accurate financial reporting is dependent upon capturing changes where they occur- on the floor in your facility. PEER For PDA achieves this.

PEER NetSeeker

PEER NetSeeker enables network administrators and IT managers to track and control IT and Network Equipment remotely. PEER NetSeeker captures internal components information including IP Address, RAM, Memory, attached peripherals, Operating System, User Name, Computer Name, Installed Software, Unapproved Installed Software, and much more. PEER NetSeeker gives IT managers’ control over their equipment and the end-users by enabling them to conduct periodic inventory across the network. Extensive reports include exceptions, discrepancies, and noncompliant software installs. Best of all, PEER NetSeeker ties to the physical barcode on the device and integrates with PEER Fixed Assets Management System in order to yield company-wide savings. Accounting and Finance will love PEER NetSeeker as much as IT and Network Administrators do. Contact Assertive for a product demo and see why PEER NetSeeker is the fastest growing IT management tool today.

PEER Assets Online

PEER Assets Online is a cloud-based product that allows you to manage assets in remote settings. Bank branches, sales offices, regional locations and telecommuting employees have all used PEER Assets Online to manage the physical inventory process and ongoing tracking of asset information. Peer Online is hosted by Assertive with end users logging in by username and password to enter new asset information or view and report existing asset information. PEER Assets online allows you to enter, view and report asset information by location, employee, asset type and more. Its web-based format is simple to use and best of all it is accessible to anyone with Internet access. PEER Assets Online is a cost-effective solution to managing your remote assets.


KeepTrack is a straightforward inventory control system that enables individuals and business of all sizes to keep track of any inventory item, equipment, spares and warranty replacements, nuts and bolts, vehicles, computers, t-shirts, cans of soup, coin collections etc. Add, view, edit, and report inventory items quickly and easily. The integrated KeepTrack For PDA offers a mobile computing portable data collection solution to your inventory control needs. The combination of mobile computing/PDA integration, simplified format, Visual and Access database yields a cost effective solution to your inventory KeepTrack needs.

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