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PEER Assets Online™

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PEER Assets Online™

PEER Assets Online™ is a cloud based asset management/inventory control application used by corporations to systematically conduct physical inventory and track and control items within branch locations. Network issues are eliminated with Peer Assets Online. Internet access and a password are all that is required for an employee to view, add, edit and report asset information with Peer Assets Online. Peer Assets Online is typically utilized to conduct physical inventory and capture newly received fixed assets with employees recording fixed asset information in a streamlined consistent manner. Physical inventory, transfers, work order requests, and disposals can be accomplished easily with Peer Assets Online. Fixed Asset data captured is compatible with Peer FA data structures and can be transferred as part of Peer FA implementation process.

The following describes how inventory is conducted using PEER Assets Online™:

  • Peer Assets Online is hosted by Assertive with client employees logging in with a password
  • Client personnel enter or pick from a drop down list their location, the asset description, manufacturer, model number, serial number and bar code number
  • For New Assets employee will add Cost and Service Date information
  • Assertive provides client with Peer Assets Online instructions and technical support
  • Assertive compiles Peer Assets Online data for fixed asset report compilation and reconciliation
  • Assertive can manage client site compliance with follow up calls and emails
  • Peer Assets Online includes license, web hosting, instructions, support, and reporting

Monthly costs are based on number of site licenses and duration of contract.

For a free demo or to learn more about call PEER Assets Online™ 678-447-0028 or send your E-mail to: