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PEER Fixed Asset

PEER Fixed Asset Management

AI has developed the cloud-based PEER-FA™ suite of software systems to enable organizations to track and control their fixed assets, capital equipment, and warehouse inventories through bar-code technology. The PEER suite of products integrates bar-code technology, automated mobile computing/PDA data collection scanners, and financial system links to enable organizations to efficiently manage their property and inventories. The PEER-FA™ suite of products offers powerful web database options including SQL Server and Oracle integration.

The PEER-FA Fixed Asset Management System tracks, controls and manages fixed assets throughout their life-cycle. PEER-FA’s integration with mobile computers/PDAs offers unique portable receiving components to allow corporations to begin tracking assets from the initial point of receipt. As assets are deployed and assigned to individual employee custodians, departments, and cost centers, PEER-FA is tracking the assets’ location, detail, employee-owner, and depreciation. As an asset is transferred from room to room, department to department, or employee to employee, PEER FA’s streamlined process tracks and controls the asset enabling you to accurately manage and report the financial change. In addition, PEER-FA’s automated physical inventory/reconciliation module ensures quick year-end closeouts, accurate depreciation allocation, and minimized personal property taxes. Extensive reporting features exportable to CSV or Excel file formats give the end-user greater flexibility to meet quarter-end and year-end reporting requirements.

Clients have saved as much as $2,000,000 by implementing PEER-FA and bar-code technology to manage their fixed assets.

PEER-FA increases the efficiency of your asset management workflow. It reduces paperwork, costly in-house inventories, quickly identify disposed assets, lists assets for reassignment, and fully reconciles assets from floor to book. Savings are achieved immediately through reducing costly record updating, filing, and retrieving of fixed asset data. PEER-FA maintains the integrity of your asset data to ensure accurate property tax filing and insurance premium assessment. PEER-FA keeps you in full control of your warranties and maintenance records, thus reducing property loss and increasing supplier maintenance responsibility. With PEER-FA you will keep full track and control of your fixed asset information efficiently and cost-effectively.

Key Benefits

Fixed Asset Tracking

PEER FA will track your asset location, condition, department, cost-center, custodian, depreciation link, maintenance, and much more. PEER-FA is designed to maximize your efficient control of fixed asset data while reducing redundant data entry as information flows from “floor to book.” Tracking and reporting will seem effortless. Each database interface gives you powerful query and reporting options while maximizing your ability to drill down into detailed asset information.

Financial Management & Links

PEER FA’s financial management module offers straightforward financial and tax book management. PEER FA’s depreciation module allows you to view and report depreciation, YTD calculations, salvage values, and financial projections. With PEER FA’s extensive reporting capabilities and easy export feature, quarter and year-end closeout is a breeze. PEER FA also integrates with existing ERP systems to streamline your fixed asset management responsibilities in an uncomplicated user-friendly manner. PEER FA’s powerful database options- SQL Server or Oracle enables you to support existing ERP systems by leveraging the design, functionality, and asset tracking advantages of PEER FA. Speak with your PEER FA representative today to learn how your organization can benefit.

Asset Reconciliation Yields ROI

PEER FA’s complete floor to book reconciliation ensures accurate (reduced) property tax reporting by streamlining the floor physical inventory audit and book reconciliation processes. PEER FA’s reconciliation features in conjunction with AI’s services ensure maximum ROI for fixed assets by clearly identifying assets that have been physically, but not financially retired. Immediate savings are calculated as each reconciliation is executed. PEER FA provides you with immediate system implementation cost justification, through your first full floor to book reconciliation.

Bar-Code Integration

Bar-code integration gives you true tracking and reporting power. PEER FA assigns a bar-code to each asset within your FA system. Future tracking is assured as the bar-code becomes an integral identification feature. Asset reconciliation becomes effortless when PEER FA matches the floor inventories to book information by bar code number. PDA bar-code scanners and mobile computers cut data collection time in half while improving accuracy to nearly 100% with each scan. The benefits of bar-coding are immediate and long-lasting. Industry analysis shows tracking through bar-coding has increased 80% per year, as industry and management adapt to rapid information reconciliation systems.


Asset Depreciation Bar-code Printing Full Feature Asset Receiving
Asset History Financial System Links Storage Tracking
Asset Reconciliation Inventory Tracking Rapid Asset Transfer
Asset Reporting Mobile Computer/Laser Scanner Ready Full Asset Detail
Asset Tracking Warranty Management Bar-code Integration
Asset Value Fixed Asset Standards Employee Asset Linking

PEER-FA for PDA was developed by AI to allow organizations to efficiently track and control assets utilizing mobile computing devices such as a smartphone, tablet, or portable data collection scanning device (PDA). PEER for PDA enables clients to capture critical asset information in the field and sync the data to the PEER FA database. PEER for PDA’s powerful portable functionality ensures your floor inventory reconciles with your book inventory. Best of all PEER for PDA’s mobile architecture is easy to use. Peer for PDA offers quick portable data collection and barcode scanning capabilities yielding accurate fixed asset information and reporting.

The PEER-FA Assets Online was developed to streamline the physical inventory and asset tracking processes for remote locations by providing a web-based asset management tool. PEER Assets Online cost-effectively conducts and verifies fixed asset physical inventory for remote users and sites. PEER Assets Online provides fixed asset tracking, asset employee ownership responsibility, bar-code printing and is scanner ready. Easily customizable, PEER Assets Online cost-effectively allows you to maintain accurate asset information throughout your organization. All that is required to benefit from its features is Internet access. AI hosts and supports the application for you.

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