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Fixed Assets For Healthcare, Biotech, and Pharmaceuticals

Our Expertise

With the healthcare industry being one of the biggest industries in the world comes a wide range of specialty fixed assets that are in need of proper, accurate management. Assertive Industries prides itself on having put in the effort to acquire deep knowledge of fixed assets for healthcare. This knowledge comes from the years of experience that our teams have spent in the field working with healthcare fixed assets.

Assertive Industries will provide your lab, medical office, hospital, warehouse, pharmacy, or other healthcare-based business with full service fixed asset management, property valuation, tax compliance, transportation and logistics, and business advisory services. Our knowledge and focus of the healthcare industry put us in a position to understand our client’s businesses in order to manage fixed assets for healthcare.

Lab Equipment and Laboratories

Since labs are fragile environments with very specific, and costly equipment, it’s important to keep a proper log of all of the fixed assets within your laboratory. Assertive Industries can perform fixed asset audits for lab equipment to get your books up to date. Additionally, we identify any phantom fixed assets in order to minimize personal property taxes and accurately calculate depreciation.

Fixed Assets For Healthcare
Fixed Assets For Healthcare

Fixed Asset Management For Medical Offices

Medical office managers can do themselves, and their organizations, a favor by outsourcing their fixed asset management tasks to experts. At Assertive Industries, we can conduct a detailed physical inventory of all of your fixed assets to give you a “floor” inventory. Our audit service is provided by our professional, detail-oriented team in an organized, automated, and timely fashion to provide you with accurate and detailed information on your fixed assets.

Hospitals and Fixed Assets

With the complexity of hospitals, managing all of the fixed assets involved such as medical equipment and lab equipment can be quite the task, especially for your staff who may not have the knowledge necessary to accurately manage those assets.  To assist with this, Assertive Industries can conduct a fixed asset audit and design a complete bar-code physical inventory. We also provide a fixed asset management system implementation to help automate and streamline your fixed asset management.

Healthcare Related Warehouses

Healthcare warehouses contain a lot of inventory and managing that inventory can be a daunting task. With the ever-changing nature of a busy warehouse, it can be easy to lose track of fixed assets or keep fixed assets on the books longer than necessary. This can be a costly mistake when it comes to taxes. Assertive Industry’s audit team can perform an audit looking at your fixed assets for healthcare. This provides your company with an accurate inventory of fixed assets. You will also have the tools needed to streamline your fixed asset management in the future.

Fixed Asset Audits for The Pharmaceutical Industry

Maintaining the fixed asset records for pharmacies is best left to the experts. We can ensure accurate management and logging of all fixed assets. With the specialized equipment, raw materials, finished goods necessary to pharmacies, Assertive Industries’ expertise in fixed assets for healthcare and pharmaceuticals will allow us to provide the best, most accurate solutions for your organization.

Our Clients

Due to our work with many healthcare clients in the past, Assertive Industries is ready to help your organization with all of your fixed asset management needs. Whether you need a full overhaul of your entire fixed asset management system from the ground up, or you need a fixed asset audit to get you up to date, we’re here to help with our expert team. Some of our other healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical clients include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Celera Genomics, Axys Pharmaceuticals, Denver Health and Hospital Authority, Kaiser Permanente, Northeast Georgia Health System, Tenet Healthcare.

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