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KeepTrack – Inventory Management System

asset tracking system keep track Cloud-Based Inventory Management System


(Cloud-Based Inventory Management System)

KeepTrack is a cloud-based inventory management system that allows clients to track and control assets, equipment and supplies, spares and warranty replacements, nuts and bolts, and much more. It is a cost-effective solution to your tracking needs and is simple and straightforward, allowing for easy implementation and teleconference training options.

KeepTrack has been developed for today’s cloud computing environment and integrates today’s mobile computing and mobile application technology to offer a user-friendly, robust solution to help clients track and control their inventory in the field on the go.

Receive, store, transfer, edit, view and report items easily with KeepTrack. KeepTrack offers extensive reporting capabilities. All KeepTrack reports are exportable to text, csv, or Excel file formats. This allows end-users to easily share information with other employees.

In addition, KeepTrack allows you to view inventory and receipts filtering in various ways to quickly pinpoint the information you are seeking.

For those clients with basic inventory control needs and limited budgets, KeepTrack is the best solution in the market today. Contact Assertive Industries to request a demo today and learn why KeepTrack is the fastest-selling inventory control solution.

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