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Fixed Asset Management For Education

Our Fixed Asset Expertise In The Education Industry

Our knowledge of education-based companies and departments allows us to accurately and efficiently assist in the management of education-based fixed assets. Because of the wide variety of educational facilities and departments, it’s important that you choose a fixed asset management company that has a deep understanding of the education industry-specific fixed asset investments and conducts fixed asset audits in schools that help maintain budget compliance.

At Assertive Industries, we have the knowledge and experience required to work with anyone in the education industry from entire departments of education to universities to individual schools. We can work with you to find the proper solution tailored to your organization.

Fixed Asset Management For Departments Of Education and School Boards

In order to comply with fixed asset policies and procedures, you may need a professional fixed asset management team to come in and work with your department of education or school board. We can perform fixed audits in schools within your department and provide a full range of fixed asset management services based on your organization’s specific needs. Assertive Industries is equipped with the knowledge to perform fixed asset audits for school board budgets.


Schools have a number of fixed assets that need managing from their classroom furniture to technology and office equipment. Regular fixed audits in schools will provide accuracy when it comes to minimizing personal property taxes and properly allocating depreciation expenses. It is easy for school property to need consistent maintenance. Contracting with a fixed asset management company on a quarterly basis can help keep track of desks, computers, boards, fixtures, and other school property that may require more frequent maintenance or replacements. We notice that schools and counties that contract with us on a quarterly basis save 35% more on fixed assets than those that contract with us on a yearly basis.


When managing the fixed assets of a public school, your organization needs to be able to easily track and manage all inventory in an accurate, streamlined, budget-friendly manner. Assertive Industries can send in our audit team to do a fixed asset audit for your public school and help to come up with a streamlined asset management system.


Private and charter schools have a variety of fixed assets that need to be tracked and managed properly. Assertive industries can help with regular fixed audits in school as well as school board budgets.

fixed asset audits in schools

We can even help to design a complete bar-code physical inventory system to help with the automation and streamlining of your fixed asset management.

Fixed Asset Management For Institutions of Higher Education

Community colleges and universities have many fixed and movable assets to manage such as tables, chairs, electrical fixtures, computers, screens and etc. Laboratories, where experiments are conducted, can necessitate inventory tracking of huge proportions. Community college and university property can be stolen during winter or summer breaks or during holidays. Having a smart asset tracking and inventory tracking system in place can minimize the hassles of tracing the missing equipment or assets.


A community college campus is full of furniture, technology like computers and laptops, as well as equipment and educational resources that belong to the school.

Fixed asset audits in schools and universities

Managing this large amount of fixed assets can be a daunting task and is best left up to professionals who have the expertise to be able to quickly and systematically perform a fixed asset physical inventory. Since many community colleges are not for profit and are largely funded by the government, they need to be prudent when it comes to costs. Some states have cut down on budgets available which means there is a need to manage the expenses even more carefully. Our audit team will conduct physical inventories and collect all of the details needed to ensure your school’s fixed assets are properly managed and personal property taxes are minimized.


The complex collections of assets that exist within universities require a highly advanced, organized, and automated fixed management system. Assertive Industries has the deep knowledge that is required to work with universities to create and maintain a fixed management system. Fixed asset audits for universities take time due to the large number of items to keep track of, however, our inventory audit is a highly automated, systematic process that ensures accuracy and timeliness.


Assertive Industries proudly represents offices in over 75 countries and has extensive knowledge of the intricacies of the education industry. We conduct fixed asset audits in schools and other educational organizations. Our roster of education organizations that we have worked with includes Boy Scouts of America, Medical University of South Carolina, Baltimore City Public School System, and Bergen Community College.

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