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Inventory & Barcode Your Equipment

AI’s, Asset Management Division specializes in providing cost-effective inventory management solutions for our clients. Equifax, Whirlpool, General Dynamics, Knight Ridder, Axys Pharmaceuticals, and many others have benefited from AI’s over 27 years of providing first-class fixed asset management solutions. AI’s provides:

1. Fixed Asset Inventory Audits
2. Asset Reconciliation from “floor to book”
3. Fixed Asset and IT Management Systems that leverage barcode technology
4. Best Practices Policy, Procedure, and Process Reviews
5. Surplus Asset Management
6. Ongoing Support

Addressing The Challenges When Managing Fixed Asset

Fixed Asset Management is one of the many ongoing struggles corporations face in today’s business environment.

  • Inaccurate depreciation allocations
  • Floor to book discrepancies
  • Overpayment of personal property taxes
  • Cumbersome financial tracking systems
  • Lease expirations and termination penalty fees
  • Redundant purchasing and underutilized of equipment
  • Lack of human resources to address tracking & control
  • Audit and security risks associated with inaccurate financial reporting

AI’s Asset Management Division makes the difference by proving comprehensive fixed asset management solutions, which include Best Practices Policy and Procedure Reviews, Fixed Asset Audit Services, Reconciliation of floor/plant assets, as well as management systems that leverage bar code and RFID technology.

Making the Assertive Decision

Addressing fixed asset management concerns can be a difficult process. Choosing the right organization makes all the difference. Specialization, capabilities, experience, attention to detail, and a comprehensive solution are requirements for success. Take the time to clearly help you to define your goals, we listen to your concerns and carefully review your existing process. Conduct enterprise-wide due diligence and speak with our clients about new strategies that may be needed. We are confident that you will agree that choosing Assertive Industries to address your fixed asset management needs is the right decision.

AI’s cost-effective fixed asset management solutions allow clients to maximize their return on fixed assets and equipment investment. AI’s systems and services yield cost-effective results for ADVO, ITOCHU International, Electromagnetic Sciences, Medical University of South Carolina, IBM, Yamaha, and many others. Our fixed asset audit services and asset management systems have yielded Equifax millions in personal property tax savings alone.

We look forward to speaking with you about how we achieve similar savings for your orgnization.

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