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Warehouse Operations and Logistics

warehouse operations and logistics

Thriving Business Depends on Smooth Operations

Real Estate and Facilities

AI brings deep expertise to every facet of warehouse and distribution center management. It starts with facilities and real estate. Beyond the 21 million sq. ft. of warehouse space we currently manage, AI operates over 1,000 facilities across our business. This gives us scale, and our in-house real estate team handles the whole gamut of activity including:

Market analysis

  • Site selection and acquisition
  • Build to suit planning
  • Lease negotiation and administration

Once we have committed to a site, our facilities management team takes over. This group of professionals is co-located with our field operations leadership, giving us expert domain knowledge in regional markets. Services include:

  • Vendor selection and procurement
  • Construction management
  • Environmental and regulatory management
  • Sustainable business practices


As a provider of outsourced logistics services, AI brings great sensitivity to the situation presented with each business opportunity. The provision of labor is given careful consideration based on multiple factors such as:

  • Operating union or non-union
  • Determining the right mix of permanent and temp labor
  • The overall labor market where the facility will be managed
  • Issues that may impact our customer, based on their current circumstances

With over 20,000 associates in our organization today, AI is an employer of choice. We place great emphasis on the development of human capital, with a focus on training, development, safety and workforce productivity.
The foundation in driving productivity lies in giving associates a voice in improving process and in making sure people have the right tools to do their job.


We see the management of information systems as a core strength of our organization. Within AI we have an entire IT team dedicated solely to logistics applications. This group has constant interface with our customers, and has a long track record working with our customers’ IT teams if necessary. Over 100 associates strong, we have orchestrated dozens of new warehouse start-ups with expertise in key areas such as:

  • Establishing interfaces with shippers’ orders and ERP systems
  • Connectivity between TMS systems and distribution technologies
  • WMS implementation and management
  • Voice-pick technology
  • Yard management
  • Material Handling Equipment

AI’s long history in managing fleet assets pays off when it comes to MHE. In operating a warehouse, we provide the equipment, training, maintenance, and more. Services include:

  • Fleet evaluation and disposal
  • Determination of optimal unit specifications
  • Lifecycle asset management

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