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Fixed Asset Management For Automotive Industry

Our Fixed Asset Expertise In The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the biggest industries in the world specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, selling, and repair of cars. With all of that comes a wide range of specialty fixed assets that need proper management. Assertive Industries, Inc. prides itself on having an expansive knowledge of fixed asset management in the automotive industry. From vehicle fleets to automotive technology and repair shop equipment, inventorying, managing, and tracking your fixed assets properly is our expertise.

Assertive Industries can provide full-service fixed asset management, property valuation, and tax compliance, transportation and logistics, and business advisory needs for the automotive industry. Our industry focus allows us to provide a rich understanding of our client’s businesses and the insight, skills, and knowledge required to address fixed asset management for the automotive industry.

Fixed Asset Management For Repair Shop Chains

Fixed asset management for repair shops

An automotive repair shop can’t avoid the large amount of equipment, technology, and tools required to repair cars. As the owner, or manager, of a repair shop chain you may be overwhelmed by the amount of work, and specialized knowledge, required to ensure your company’s fixed assets are being properly managed.

Running a repair shop requires different types of fixed assets from large equipment to smaller, yet expensive, handheld tools. Your company’s inventory of specialty tools and equipment must be properly tracked and managed by experts in order to minimize personal property taxes and properly allocate depreciation expenses.

To assist with this, Assertive Industries can conduct a fixed asset audit and design a complete bar-code physical inventory. We also implement a fixed asset management system to help automate and streamline the process.

Fixed Asset Management For Dealerships

With the different departments that dealerships employ, managing fixed assets is a complicated task. That is why it is best to outsource to fixed asset experts. Between the equipment of the service department, company vehicle fleets, and the technology systems used by the entire company, Assertive Industries can conduct a fixed asset physical inventory to identify your true “floor” inventory. This happens through a fixed asset audit service. Our audit team would conduct physical inventories and collect all of the details needed to ensure your dealership’s fixed assets are properly managed and personal property taxes are minimized.

Fixed Asset Management For Vehicle Manufacturers

The amount of technology and equipment needed by automotive manufacturers is extensive. As a result, parts are easily lost and misplaced. Assertive Industries is experienced and effective at completing fixed asset audits for auto parts. Regardless of the size of your fixed asset inventory, our audit teams conduct wall-to-wall physical inventories through a highly automated, systemic process. Our team has the deep automotive industry expertise needed to provide a full-service fixed asset management solution for your company. 

Fixed Asset management for vehicle manufacturers

Our Clients

Assertive Industries operates in 75 countries with over 3,500 people working in member firms around the world. Clients appreciate our professional commitment, strong management teams, and a systematic approach to asset management. Our deep industry knowledge allows us to be a top choice when it comes to fixed asset management for the automotive industry. That is why our roster of satisfied clients includes Fox Factory Holdings.

In summary, when you trust Assertive Industries, Inc. with your automotive fixed asset management needs, you provide your company with the tools it needs to have a fixed asset system that ensures compliance, and quality.

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