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Surplus Asset Management

Surplus Asset Management


Proper disposal of assets is becoming a greater concern for local, state, and federal government agencies. AI’s EnviroSafe Surplus Asset management program allows for environmentally friendly liquidation of assets designated for disposal. AI takes responsibility for maximizing the return on your obsolete or fully depreciated assets by working with our Internet network of buyers, wholesalers, and retailers. Assertive offers new life and revenue for your unwanted fixed assets.

EnviroSafe Services

Assets are Identified for Disposal on Monthly, Quarterly or Semi-Annual Basis

          • Network of EnviroSafe Asset Buyers are Notified of Sale
          • EnviroSafe Internet Sale of Disposal Assets Coordinated and Execute
          • EnviroSafe Liquidation Revenue Percentage is Paid to Client
          • EnviroSafe Liquidation Sale Revenue Can Help Fund AMP Program

EnviroSafe Benefits

Storage Requirements and Costs are Minimize

          • Environmental Concerns Regarding Disposal are Eliminate
          • Maintenance, Support and Storage Costs are Reduced
          • Redundant Purchases are Reduced
          • Revenue is Produced to Potentially Fund Phoenix Program Continuation

EnviroSafe Costs

40% of asset sales price.

AI Surplus Store

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