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Fixed Asset Management For Manufacturing

fixed asset audits for manufacturing

Our Expertise

The manufacturing industry is known for its costly specialty equipment. Regardless of the product being manufactured, most manufacturing companies have a large amount of expensive equipment that requires proper management and maintenance. The effort towards creating a quality product at a quick pace to deliver goods to their customers within tight deadlines is dependent on the condition and maintenance of their fixed assets. Without proper tracking, depreciation, and management of fixed assets, it’s impossible to properly keep up with regular maintenance to keep the machinery up and running efficiently and extend the lifecycle of the equipment. 

Because we are experts in our field, Assertive Industries can offer your manufacturing business full-service fixed asset management. This can include anything from property valuation, manufacturing audits, transportation and logistics, and fixed asset audits for industrial equipment.

We can perform fixed asset audits for manufacturers, manufacturing plants, factories, warehouses, and more. Our understanding of manufacturing and all that goes along with it makes us a top choice for your fixed asset management needs.


Warehouses have a large number of fixed assets including expensive equipment like forklifts and machinery. It’s important to perform regular fixed asset audits for industrial equipment to record proper depreciation, providing data that can help to extend the life of fixed assets, and ensure tax compliance. Assertive Industries can provide any fixed asset management services that your warehouse needs such as a fixed asset audit or working with your business to design a complete bar-code physical inventory as well as a fixed asset management system implementation to help automate and streamline your fixed asset management.


If your manufacturing company has multiple locations, it can be a challenge to make sure that your fixed assets across all locations are inventoried, tracked, and properly managed. It’s not uncommon to come across assets that are inventoried that no longer exist or cannot be found, or even assets that exist but aren’t logged in your fixed asset management system. In addition, Assertive Industries can assist in the transportation and logistics related to your fixed assets that may be spread across many different locations. The accurate logging and management of these fixed assets are crucial for your business.

Large and Industrial Equipment

Large equipment and industrial equipment are commonplace for most manufacturing processes. This specialized, costly equipment must be properly tracked, managed, and depreciated to ensure accurate valuation and proper compliance with up to date tax policies and procedures. Assertive Industries is no stranger to working with manufacturing companies that need accurate property valuation, manufacturing audits, and advisory services related to large and industrial equipment.

Our Clients

Our experience and comprehensive understanding of the manufacturing industry makes us an excellent choice for all of your manufacturing fixed asset management needs. Due to the necessary understanding of specialty equipment and policies, which we pride ourselves on continuously expanding our knowledge of, our manufacturing clients can have peace of mind that their fixed assets are being properly audited and managed. Some of our manufacturing clients include General Dynamics, Advanced Nutrients, Yamaha, Vezer Precision Industrial Constructors, KRAFT Foods, Nestle USA, SUMCO USA, Whirlpool, Tramontina, ITOCHU International

fixed asset audits for manufacturing