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Regional Partner Rep Program

regional partner rep program

Be your own BOSS while taking advantage of Assertive’s 25 years of experience and Fortune 1000 client list.

Regional Partner Rep Program

Assertive Industries, Inc. is now offering the opportunity, in select major markets, to earn lucrative income representing a leader in the asset management marketplace as Regional Managing Director. Assertive Industries offers the opportunity to select professionals to represent and leverage a quarter-century of success as the leading asset and inventory management company.

The Fortune 500 and others call upon us to provide audit services, consulting, technology, and best practices implementation to solve problems and cost-effectively manage billions in asset inventory each year.

Regional Managing Directors have the opportunity to leverage our expertise, team, infrastructure, marketing, and brand and technology to earn lucrative income and recurring revenue. A select few will qualify for exclusive regional territories. This may be the opportunity you have been looking for.

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Assertive Industries, Inc.

Assertive Industries, Inc., (AI) headquartered in Atlanta, GA, has specialized in providing complete asset and inventory management solutions for America’s largest corporations and organizations for nearly a quarter-century.

AI provides Best practices consulting, complete asset audit services, fixed asset physical inventory services, asset bar-coding, RFID technology, asset appraisals, reconciliation services, policy and procedure reviews, and the PEER FA fixed asset management system with ERP financial system links. As a leader in the asset management marketplace since 1994, AI’s systems and services address clients’ audit compliance concerns, capital asset and inventory data; asset inventory controls systems, and asset inventory management policies and procedures.

AI provides cost-effective asset management solutions by integrating bar-code technology to allow clients to maximize their return on assets, inventory as well as equipment. AI’s systems and services yield cost-effective results across various industries including healthcare, defense, education, technology, consumer services, financial sector, and others.

Our portfolio of hundreds of satisfied clients includes Denver Health & Hospital Authority, William Blair & Co, NYMEX, Equifax, Activision, Sun Microsystems, EMS Technologies, Whirlpool, General Dynamics, NVIDIA, International Aero Engine, Electromagnetic Sciences, IBM, Yamaha, Komatsu, Weather Channel and hundreds of others.

As a Regional Managing Director, leverage our quarter-century track record of success, to build your business, enhance your offerings, and earn lucrative income.

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