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Government Accounting For Fixed Assets

government accounting for fixed assets

Our Expertise

Is your government organization properly managing it’s fixed assets? Government fixed assets can be anything from buildings to equipment to software or even roads. Any government entity from smaller local governments to larger state or federal governments has an enormous number of government fixed assets to manage. At Assertive Industries, our expertise in all aspects of fixed asset management along with our deep knowledge of government accounting for fixed assets allows us to provide the necessary services for your government organization.

Assertive Industries provides full-service fixed asset management, property valuation, tax compliance, transportation and logistics, and business advisory services for government organizations. Our 20+ year track record allows us to present fixed cost proposals with a cost-benefit analysis to estimate client ROI. We specialize in providing fixed asset physical inventory services, fixed asset auditing, asset barcoding, asset appraisals, reconciliation services, and can work within your organization to lend a hand in government accounting for fixed assets. Our expertise is beneficial when looking to outsource your fixed asset management accounting.

County and City Government Contracts

Smaller, local governments may not have the manpower or specialized resources to accurately manage fixed assets. The amount of fixed assets from buildings to vehicles to computers and the software that runs of them is vast when it comes to local government entities. To assist in simplifying this process, Assertive Industries can conduct a fixed asset audit and implement a fixed asset management system so that your organization can continue to properly track and depreciate assets. We also provide Fixed Asset Management Policy and Procedure Review services to help establish and implement proper policies and procedures.

State Government Contracts

Assertive Industries can work with state governments with multiple offices and remote locations where their fixed assets may be located temporarily or permanently. Our audit team has the resources and the knowledge to conduct physical inventories and collect all of the details needed to ensure your organization’s fixed assets are properly managed and accounted for at all times. We can use barcode technology to complete a physical inventory and complete floor to book asset reconciliation to identify your true asset base. This process maximizes tax savings, insurance cost reductions, and warranty contract efficiency. 

Federal Government Contracts

When working with federal government contracts, Assertive Industries can use their extensive knowledge and experience in fixed asset management to ensure accuracy and compliance. An organization’s fixed asset management success depends on the development and implementation of clear policies and procedures. Our professional, reliable team is prepared to conduct onsite audits and communicate with department heads to come up with realistic solutions to result in success in regards to government accounting for fixed assets.

Our Clients

Assertive Industries is a worldwide organization operating in 75 countries with more than 3,500 people working member firms around the world. Because of this, we’ve been able to work with government fixed asset accounts across the globe expanding our knowledge and experience in working with government organizations. A couple of our satisfied clients in the government field are City Of Baltimore, State of California, USS, NASA, Gwinnett County,  and Whitfield County.

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