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Fixed Asset Management For Offices

Our Expertise

Managing an office’s fixed assets can be a challenging task. With most offices, there is a large amount of inventory from keeping track of computers and laptops to office furniture. As with any company, but especially with offices, these fixed assets are in need of regular audits as well as proper management. Fixed asset management for offices ensures accurate inventory as well as assurance that the best practices in policy and procedure are taking place.

Assertive Industries is a leader in the fixed asset management industry and works with many offices. Our knowledge in this industry allows our audit team to quickly, strategically, and properly perform fixed asset audits for offices. As a full service fixed asset management company, we are able to fulfill any of the needs that arise within your company when it comes to managing fixed assets for offices.

Office Furniture

Though it may seem like the least important part of any office, it’s important to recognize office furniture as a fixed asset that needs to be properly tracked and managed. With our full service fixed asset services, we can work with you to perform fixed asset audits for offices. This can often include fixed asset and IT management systems that leverage barcode technology to ensure proper tracking and management in an organized way. In addition, we can provide ongoing support so that you can be certain that your office is always up to date on the latest policies and procedures to ensure tax compliance and properly allocate depreciation expenses.

Remote Assets

With much of the world going remote, it can be a complicated task to make sure that your companies fixed assets are properly tracked and inventoried. Assertive Industries is experienced in performing fixed asset audits for remote equipment whether this means you have employees working from home, or your business requires you to have some of your office equipment at a separate location.

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Companies With Multiple Office Locations

Large offices come with the task of managing a large inventory of fixed assets. Keeping track of computers and laptops when managing a large office, especially one with multiple locations, can be challenging. Assertive Industries fixed asset audit services can conduct an inventory audit that is a highly automated and quickly identifies your true “floor” inventory. This helps to identify phantom assets and can help to minimize personal property taxes and properly allocate depreciation expenses. In addition, our team can help you to come up with a fixed asset management system that covers your large office, even if you have multiple locations where your fixed assets are stored or in use.

Make the Assertive Decision

Assertive Industries has a deep understanding and knowledge of offices and all of the aspects that go along with managing the assets of offices from smaller offices to large multi-location offices to offices that have remote assets. Companies like WeWork, Regus, Spaces, Venture X, and Techspace benefit from our services on an annual basis. Our clients are appreciative of our professional commitment, deep industry knowledge, and willingness to take on any fixed asset management challenges thrown our way.

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