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peer fa for pda


Assertive Industries has developed portable data collection applications for Portable Digital Assistants (PDA) including smartphones, tablets and bar code scanners that enable you to conduct physical inventory, capture receipt information, track asset transfers and record retirements on the go. PEER FA for PDA™ syncs with PEER FA™ for accurate asset information, portable tracking capabilities and accurate financial reporting. PEER FA for PDA™ runs on any mobile computing device and is provided by Assertive loaded, tested and ready to go on the Motorola mobile computing bar code scanners. Facilities Management utilizes PEER FA™ to track furniture assets while IT utilizes PEER FA for PDA™ to track IT and Network Equipment assets.

KeepTrack™ for PDA enables you to scan inventory items, receive new items, track transfers and conduct inventory with ease. Its direct integration with KeepTrack provides for seamless data transfer of activity conducted in the field to your cloud based database.

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