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Karl Moody

Karl Moody

Senior Managing Partner

Karl Moody has served as Senior Managing Partner for over 20 years for Assertive Industries, Inc. He is one of the founding partners that laid the foundation for the organization's stability and growth for a quarter-century. Mr. Moody lead the charge in the early '90s to develop Assertive's flagship asset management software systems PEER/FA and has since spearheaded countless innovations and directives which have solidified AI's role as a leading asset management service organization.

Mr. Moody is often called upon to consult with the management of many Fortune 1000 clients who seek to maximize returns on idle, obsolete or underutilized assets. In addition, he has developed a successful track record of identifying strategic business development and partnership opportunities that have yielded millions for AI clients.

Karl Moody has a long track record of over 30 years of entrepreneurial success. As the founder of Airtight Data Communications, Inc. and Global Technologies Group, Inc., Mr. Moody is well suited to serve as Lead Partner of Assertive Industries, Inc., a trailblazing asset, and property management company serving both national and international clients around the world for over a quarter-century. As an alumn of Howard University with a Professionals Degree in Architecture and a Business Management Certificate from LaGuardia College, he has diverse experience that serves his clients, shareholders, and employees well. Mr. Moody believes, “We should work for the generations to come. We must not see ourselves as just a product of our own making, however, we must strive to make the path we have blazed clear so others may seek to follow.”