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JLG Inventory counting Procedures


How to identify what you are counting

• Item (SKU) quantity should be based upon a unit of measure that is listed on the item label


How to count a sealed box

• If the item (SKU) is in a sealed box, and the printed box quantity is not altered the quantity is the printed quantity



Marked Out Sealed Box

• If the item (SKU) is in a sealed box and the printed box quantity has been marked out, the box needs to be opened and the contents counted.

• If there are multiple boxes for the same item (SKU) only one box needs to be opened to determine the content quantity. The quantity content for the remaining boxes is the same and therefore the remaining boxes do not need to be opened.


How to count a Kit

• If the box has the following decal

The unit of measure is each and the count quantity 1 per box.


How to count a open box

• If the selected items are in an opened box, the contents of the box must be counted.


When to use a scale and completing your count

• For the Small Bin Area only
• Bins with the below Florescent Green Tag will require the item (SKU) to be weighted.

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