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Information Technology

Our Expertise

When it comes to Information Technology, there are plenty of expensive fixed assets that need proper management and tracking. Technology tends to change quickly so ensuring that your company is taking the proper precautions to ensure accurate depreciation and management of technology fixed assets cannot be stressed enough. From the basics of office furniture to computers, laptops, servers, and other advanced IT equipment, it’s important to work with a fixed asset management company that knows it’s way around tech assets.

Because Assertive Industries has extensive knowledge of tech companies, tech assets, and fixed assets for IT, we proudly provide full service fixed asset management to the IT industry. We can provide property valuation, transportation and logistics, tax compliance, and even business advisory services when it comes to fixed asset management.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions within tech companies can leave fixed assets unaccounted for and asset management systems lacking or incomplete. In order to remedy this, Assertive Industries will conduct a fixed asset physical inventory to accurately depict your true “floor” inventory. This is done through our fixed asset audit service during which our professional audit team would conduct physical inventories and collect all of the details needed to ensure your company’s fixed assets are properly managed and personal property taxes are minimized.

IT Equipment

Some of the most expensive equipment out there is IT equipment. Any tech company knows that technology is constantly changing and that the depreciation of equipment can quickly change based on these advances in technology. Your company’s inventory of specialty fixed assets for IT must be properly tracked and managed by an expert team in order to minimize personal property taxes and properly allocate depreciation expenses. Assertive Industries can assist with incorporating fixed asset and IT management systems that leverage barcode technology to ensure proper tracking and management in a more automated, systemized way to prioritize accuracy and time efficiency.

Tech Conglomerates

The complicated nature of tech conglomerates only intensifies when it comes time to do fixed asset audits. Due to the different entities operating under one corporate group, it can be difficult to do a proper audit without the expertise of a fixed asset management company like Assertive Industries. Beginning with an accurate audit by our expert team can identify phantom assets and can help to minimize personal property taxes and properly allocate depreciation expenses.

We can work with your corporation to complete the audit and design an advanced fixed asset management system that will work to keep all of the fixed assets for each entity accurately logged and managed. 

Our Clients

Operating in 75 countries with over 3,5000 people working on our member firms around the world, Assertive Industries is a top choice when it comes to fixed asset management for IT. We are one of the most knowledgeable fixed asset management organizations when it comes to fixed assets for tech companies and we continue to expand our knowledge in Information Technology so that we can provide the best service to our clients. Included in our list of satisfied IT clients are Equifax, Sun Microsystems, Nvidia, EA, ChoicePoint, and Lexis Nexis.

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