Fraud Blocker General Information - Assertive Industries, Inc.

General Information


Scope of Work

We anticipate the following scope of work for this audit:

  • Physical Inventory of all inventory items consisting of approximately 59,842 SKUs totaling approximately 2,002,320 pieces
  • Physical inventory audit scope includes all areas within the distribution center including approximately 871 Bin Storage Units, 1,400 Pallet Rack Bays, 100 Cantilever Single or Double Sided Bays, Floor Storage, Flammable Liquid Storage, Aerosol Can Storage, 80,00 sq. ft. of outside yard.
  • Inbound/Outbound Processing area is not within the scope of the audit
  • Inventory audits counts will be conducted in the proper unit of measure, typically each
  • Bin area audit count requires the use of scales for some inventory items
  • Audit counts will be conducted as a blind counts
  • Identification, recording, and reporting of Location, SKU/UPC, Audit Quantity, and Variance information
  • The inclusion of Location information facilitates our quality control and variance review
  • Review of any inventory variances, second and third count as necessary, and the presentation and acceptance of confirmed variance by the client
  • Certified Inventory Catalog Reports detailing Location, SKU, Audit Quantity, JLG Book Quantity, Variance/Reconciliation Status
  • Inventory Reconciliation Reports to detail any floor to book inventory variances
  • Certified Audit Report Data provided in Excel file format for potential JLG Matrix upload

Physical Inventory

Assertive will dedicate auditors and management to work three shifts, 24 hours a day beginning Friday, August 10, 2018 at 8pm and concluding with audit reports Monday, August 13, 2018 at 6am

  • Assertive will allocate audit team members and management to specific Bin, Pallet Rack, Floor Storage and Yard audit areas
  • Assertive audit team will focus on specific areas North to South or East to West, marking progress on facility floorplans and confirming inventory completeness by reconciling floorplan mark ups of physical locations with audited locations within the inventory data
  • Audit team will identify Inventory Location, SKU/UPC and conduct blind count in proper unit of issue- each, pair, feet etc.
  • Audit team will conduct a blind quantity count of each inventory location and associated SKU
  • Audit team will record Inventory Location, SKU and Audit Quantity for every item in scope
  • Assertive Senior Management will Reconcile Audit Count with JLG Book Quantity to identify any Variances
  • As inventory is recorded and reconciled Assertive management will mark each location to denote audit is completed
  • Samplings by Assertive management will be conducted for Quality Assurance throughout the inventory audit
  • Utilizing the Web based PEER CI mobile data collection program, Assertive management will record Inventory Location, SKU and Audited Quantity to reconcile with JLG Book data
  • Variances will be reported to JLG as they are identified. Assertive will conduct a recount to amend audit count or present confirmed variance to JLG for acceptance
  • Preliminary reports will be compiled each shift to map progress

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