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Equifax St. Louis Equipment Inventory

Equipment Inventory


TO . . . . . . . .Ball Drive & Lackland Office Personnel

FROM . . . . . Sherina Watts, Hope Scott, Carlo Gallo,Joshua Larimer

SUBJECT. . .Physical Fixed Asset Inventory

DATE. . . . . . August 17, 2018

Beginning Monday,August20th, personnel from Assertive Industries, Equifax’s inventory contractor, will inventory furniture and equipment at the sites as part of Equifax’s regular physical inventory program. Some of this work may be done after hours, but most will be handled during normal working hours. The inventory should require only a few moments in each individual workspace, and the entire facility is expected to be completed in a few days.

When the inventory team arrives in your area, please let them know the location of any assets located inside cabinets, stored off site, or in your home. Also, please advise them of any leased copiers, etc., since assets not owned by Equifax should not be counted.

Please contact Joshua Larimer, Equifax’s Fixed Asset Manager at +1(770)740-4743, or Carlo Gallo at +(506)8798-2626 if you have any questions or concerns.

Exampel of your Asset Tag

Form entry instructions

1. Enter your location
2. Enter your “Asset Tag Barcode” number, then select enter
3. When you select enter the fields bellow should populate with your equipment information.
4. If all of the fields have populated, select the reconcile button and select submit.
5. If no information populates the fields bellow, then enter the field’s information manually. Do not select the reconcile button if your information does not automatically populate the fields.

Thank you for your corporation.