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Fixed asset management is one of the most fundamental – and yet most often overlooked – aspects of your business. Keeping track of your fixed assets is a process that requires an innovative, tech-oriented approach in order to ensure that your company is SOX compliant.

Fixed Assets Services. Solutions For Every Need

Assertive Industries specializes in providing complete fixed asset services and management solutions and full Sarbanes – Oxley and SAS70 audit compliance for America’s largest corporations and organizations. AI Asset Management Division provides complete fixed asset physical inventory services, fixed asset auditing, asset barcoding, asset appraisals, reconciliation services, and policy, procedure reviews.

Fixed Asset Audits
Fixed Asset Management Reconciliation
Policy & Procedure Review and Recommendations
Asset Tagging

About Us

25 years of dedicated quality asset services

At AI, we take our responsibility to each of our stakeholders and clients seriously. As an appraisal and auditing firm, we have a clear responsibility as a steward within the capital markets, as well as surety organizations to represent independence when approaching our work. Our obligation to provide the highest quality work underscores the asset services we offer, the employees we hire and promote, the clients we engage with, and the way we intersect with and invest in our communities.

Our Fixed Asset Services

Our Fixed Asset Services Solutions have saved our clients over $500,000,000

Our self-service option is perfect for businesses who need to conduct a physical inventory, want to leverage internal staff labor, and want an efficient

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We Provide:
  • PEER FA or PEER CI Physical Inventory Hardware and Mobile Audit Software
  • Training & Technical Support
  • Management Oversight
  • Audit Process and Report Certification

Audit Management & Process Certification
At AI, we understand that many companies need an independent, third-party audit of their physical inventory to meet internal and external audit compliance

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We Provide:
  • Audit Process Recommendations
  • PEER FA or PEER CI Physical Inventory Hardware and Mobile Audit Software
  • Training & Technical Support

Full-Service Warehouse Management Solution
Our full-service independent warehouse management solution is AI’s premier service. Our team of asset management experts create and

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We Provide:
  • PEER FA or PEER CI Physical Inventory Hardware and Mobile Audit Software
  • Training & Technical Support
  • Management Oversight
  • Inventory Technician Team Labor
  • Audit Process and Report Certification

Easy handling of your daily asset management routine.

Here’s How We Can Take All The Fuss Out Of Your Fixed Asset Audit:

We are here to become your 1-stop fixed asset management solution that provides fixed asset management audits and ensures that your company is SOX-compliant. Our highly-trained and experienced teams can handle your company’s needs, as well as medical and lab equipment, so you can focus on the big-picture without worrying about fixed asset management.

Why Choose Us?

Our experts will leave no stone unturned & help you make an educated decision. That is what makes us the #1 fixed asset audit solution for hundreds of companies


Our experts have helped businesses save more than $500,000,000 in fixed asset and physical inventory costs over the past few years.


We can efficiently handle both general and specific fixed asset services needs for your company.


We believe in fostering an environment of trust, mutual success, and transparency

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