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Client Spotlight: Advanced Nutrients CEO Big Mike and The Next Marijuana Millionaire

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At Assertive Industries, Inc., we have the privilege of working with a lot of amazing, innovative, and successful clients. One of our clients who is making quite the name for himself, and his company, is Big Mike of Advanced Nutrients. Advanced Nutrients is the most influential and top-selling cannabis fertilizer brand in the world. Big Mike will be starring in a reality TV business competition show called The Next Marijuana Millionaire. We wanted to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on his success and his company’s success.

The Next Marijuana Millionaire TV Show

Have you heard of the next business competition TV show featuring the marijuana industry? Advanced Nutrients founder Big Mike (Michael Straumietis) will be premiering his new show, The Next Marijuana Millionaire, on August 16th, 2020. It will be available to watch on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Pluto TV. The Next Marijuana Millionaire is a business competition series that will follow along as 16 cannabis entrepreneurs compete for a grand prize of up to $1 million along with a chance to partner with Big Mike, a leader in the cannabis industry.

During The Next Marijuana Millionaire, Big Mike will discover and mentor the cannabis industry’s next successful entrepreneur. The 16 selected entrepreneurs, from all over the United States, will be competing in extreme challenges. During the competition, their business savvy, character, and knowledge will be put to the test. From the 16 entrepreneurs, only one will come out on top and be awarded the grand prize money and a chance to work with Big Mike.

It’s safe to say that the premiere of The Next Marijuana Millionaire could not have come at a better time. With many states implementing and expanding their cannabis laws, the marijuana industry has been garnering a lot of attention, and people are really starting to take notice. It’s no doubt that this show will be a hit like many of the other business competition shows, especially with it putting the spotlight on the rapidly growing cannabis industry.

Advanced Nutrients: World’s Leading Cannabis Fertilizer Company

As with any agricultural product, fertilizer can be the key to successful, fast-growing plants. Our client, Advanced Nutrients, is the #1 best selling cannabis fertilizer in the world.

Advanced Nutrients started over a decade ago when Big Mike Straumietis decided to revolutionize the hydroponics industry with optimal plant nutrients. In the very beginning, the business Big Mike founded was Canadian Soilless, a retailer that focused on wholesaling equipment and nutrients made by other manufacturers. But as Big Mike received feedback on the products he sold, he realized that many of the products Canadian Soilless carried didn’t maximize his customer’s hydroponic gardens’ profit potential. So Big Mike made it his mission to find a solution that would change the hydroponics industry and make it more profitable for his customers.

After two years of testing by a team of scientists, a new line of products specifically designed for hydroponics was released under the Advanced Nutrients brand. While many companies lean towards using cheap materials and processes to keep costs down, Advanced Nutrients does just the opposite. They source only the best materials and use the most effective processes to ensure that their clients get only the best fertilizer possible. Advanced Nutrients brilliant team of top scientists ensuring that their fertilizer encourages plants that grow bigger, better, and more plentiful crops. This is the secret to their success. 

Assertive Industries, Inc.

At Assertive Industries, it’s our joy to provide cost-effective solutions to fulfill our client’s fixed asset management needs. We ensure our clients can continually improve their internal fixed asset management procedures by streamlining processes, ensuring compliance, and reducing costs. Additional clients that have benefited from Assertive Industries fixed asset management solutions include Whirlpool, Equifax, and General Dynamics. We’re honored to be partners with the most influential and top-selling cannabis fertilizer brand globally and are happy to cheer on Big Mike and Advanced Nutrients on during this new venture. Don’t forget to catch The Next Marijuana Millionaire, which premieres on August 16th and will be available to watch on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Pluto TV.