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How To Manage Fixed Assets As A Remote Company

With the increasing rate of remote workers all across the world, it can be a challenge for companies to manage their fixed assets. Whether a company’s employees are able to work remotely part-time or full time, most will be utilizing company-related assets outside of the workplace. Due to this, it is important to get a system in place to manage assets as a remote company.

Challenges A Remote Company Faces When Managing Fixed Assets

Keeping Track of Who Has What and Where

When a company has a number of remote workers working from different locations, it can be quite a task to keep track of which employees have certain fixed assets. Without a proper system in place, fixed assets can be easily lost or misplaced, especially during changes like when an employee is transferred, promoted, or moves on to a different company.

Trying to Get All The Assets Together to Be Audited

One of the biggest challenges that companies with remote workers can face during an audit is attempting to get all of the assets together. If employees all work out of their homes in different locations and even different states or countries, depending on the company, it can be nearly impossible to gather all the assets for an annual audit without a proper plan in place.

Keeping Track of Loss/Broken or Returned Assets

When an asset needs to be considered a loss due to being broken or when an asset needs to be returned to the company, tracking these events is critical. However, due to having remote workers, it’s not uncommon for assets to be left with an ex-employee or simply forgotten about. This can result in difficulty during auditing as well.

How Does a Good Asset Management System Address Those Challenges?

Schedule Audits

While scheduling audits can be beneficial for most companies, it’s especially important for companies that have remote workers who have fixed assets in their possession. Implementing scheduled audits will streamline the process and ensure that the company is regularly keeping up with their fixed assets in the homes of their remote employees.

Send Reminders

In order to ensure that the scheduled audits go smoothly, sending reminders to the employees who have fixed assets in their possession will give them plenty of time to prepare for an upcoming audit in which they may need to turn in company assets.

Keeps Track of Assets From When They Are Bought, Sent Out and Returned

Having a system in place that is able to track assets as they are purchased and then as they move throughout the company will ensure that all assets are on record. That means when assets are sent out or returned, the company will be able to keep track of those movements and the assent won’t get lost during transfers.

Keeps Track of Who Has Company Related Assets

When employing remote workers, it can be difficult to keep track of who has company-related assets. Utilizing an asset management system that easily logs who is in possession of certain assets will ensure that the company knows where all of their assets are.

Remote companies have the wonderful ability to allow their employees to work from home and to cut their overhead costs, but there are some challenges involved such as managing company-related fixed assets. By implementing a good asset management system, managing fixed assets as a remote company don’t have to be complicated.

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