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RFID Asset Tagging

AL has introduced Tough IT Asset Management Tag (the latest addition in the TOUGH series) and TOUGH Read-on-Metal RFID Label (the latest addition in the TOUGH series). The new Commando IT Asset Management Tag is designed for tracking both metal and non-metallic assets. The TOUGH printable on-metal label also tracks both metal and non-metallic assets and is suitable for integration with existing barcode or human readable asset tracking management in real-time and on-demand.

The TOUGH IT Asset Management Tag simplifies the RFID asset tagging application process with its attachment design that enables stick or strap for both metal and non-metallic assets. One RFID tag can be used to track and manage general IT assets, including servers, racks, data cartridges, cables, and other valuable assets.

The TOUGH Printable Label was developed for very cost-sensitive asset management applications. The TOUGH label form factor can be encoded and printed on-demand using RFID enabled thermal transfer printers or Century RFID can customize with preprint and encoding services.