Practices, Policy, Procedure and Process Reviews

policies and procedure review

Fixed Asset Management Analysis

Policy and Procedure Review and Recommendations

Years of experience have shown that an organization’s fixed asset management success is dependent upon the development and implementation of clear and concise policies and procedures. Assertive Industries works with our clients to identify organization goals, review current activities and provide realistic solutions that will yield short and long term asset management success. The collaborative effort includes onsite visits and extensive discussion with key department leaders within your organization.

AI’s Policy and Procedure review Process is outlined below:

      • Review of current fixed asset policies and procedures documents.
      • Inquiry and discussion with key department personnel- accounting and finance, IT, facilities management, and purchasing to understand the current process workflow.
      • Site visits to key sample facilities to gain better understanding of how current policies and procedures are adhered to.
      • Sampling of fixed asset information conducted to assess current situation and fixed asset control needs.
      • Compile finding report of existing practices and current situation for review and clarification. Address those findings to be included as enhancements.
      • Develop a draft of a new policies and procedures manual for client’s review.
      • Receive and discuss comments from client’s key personnel and modify policies and procedures as necessary.
      • Provide fixed asset control recommendations for software, hardware and physical inventory/reconciliation solutions


Upon completion of Fixed Asset Management Policy and Procedure Review Assertive Industries, Inc. provides client with the fixed asset policy and procedure manual enhancements, fixed asset workflow model, fixed asset control recommendations-software and hardware, and fixed asset physical inventory/reconciliation recommendations.

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