Sun Microsystems


20030515-055608_1.tif. ** ADVANCE FOR MONDAY MAY 19 ** Sun Microsystems workers use the iWork computer facilities at Sun headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., Tuesday, May 6, 2003. This is the new "first come,first seated" iWork project that allows workers to sit temporarily at a desk instead of their own office space. . (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

AI's Audit was a complete analysis of all capital assets being acquired by Oracle


When Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems they called upon Assertive Industries to support the acquisition due diligence process. Approximately 100 facilities, including the Sun Microsystems Campus required a complete fixed asset audit. Assertive analyzed the scope of work, mapped out a project plan and dedicated a team of nearly 100 IT Audit Team members to conduct a complete due diligence fixed asset audit of over 100 facilities throughout North America. In a very short window of time, nearly 200,000 assets were successfully identified, bar coded and reconciled by Assertive's IT Audit Teams.

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