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Why Must You Have Physical Inventories

What is A Physical Inventory? Physical inventory is the the actual count of products and items a business stocks and/or owns. The general process includes seperating, counting and recording the count of all items in the inventory. Physical inventories are a tedious but necessary task and provides several benefits for your business. What Are The…
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AI Physical Inventory Services for GSA AAMS

Assertive Industries assists all government agencies with complete comprehensive physical inventories of all agency property. AI provides floor to book reconciliation and uploads all surplus assets to The Agency Asset Management System AAMS.

Will the Sharing Economy Disrupt Trucking, Transportation and Logistics?

Article from Written by Richard Metzler, chief marketing officer at uShip. This is one in a series of periodic guest columns by industry thought leaders. If you have ever purchased something on eBay, hailed a ride from Uber or vacationed in Airbnb lodging, you’ve participated in the sharing economy. The commonality with these on-demand…
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How To Gain Control of Your Assets While Lowering Your IT Costs

According to Gartner Group, by 2010 half of most enterprises capital budgets will be allocated to IT spending. Gaining improved accountability over IT assets while simultaneously extracting increased value from them is becoming increasingly critical to businesses. Accomplishing this goal will require that enterprises develop the processes, management discipline, and best practices that are part…
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