RFID Asset Tagging

AL has introduced Tough IT Asset Management Tag (the latest addition in the TOUGH series) and TOUGH Read-on-Metal RFID Label (the latest addition in the TOUGH series). The new Commando IT Asset Management Tag is designed for tracking both metal and non-metallic assets. The TOUGH printable on-metal label also tracks both metal and non-metallic assets and is suitable for integration…
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RFID Asset Tracking

RFID Asset Tracking - Universal RFID Asset Tag

AI has a long term partnership with Metalcraft, one worlds most renewed barcode manufactures. Metalcraft's commitment to advanced RFID barcode asset ID Tags has placed AI at the forefront of providing a wide range of tracking and management solutions for our clients.

Metalcraft's Universal RFID Tags are the closest thing you will find to a "one-size-fits-all" solution for your RFID tracking needs. These surface-independent tags get great read ranges on a variety of different surfaces - metal, plastic, even wood! AI provides advanced RFID control systems which interface with reliable RFID tags such as Metalcraft's Universal RFID Tags. We look forward to discussing with you your asset tracking, management and auditing needs.

Asset Inventory Control 4

Gain Control of Your Assets While Lowering Your IT Costs According to Gartner Group, by 2010 half of most enterprises capital budgets will be allocated to IT spending. Gaining improved accountability over IT assets while simultaneously extracting increased value from them is becoming increasingly critical to businesses. Accomplishing this goal will require that enterprises develop…
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