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Assertive Industries (AI), serves our client’s asset management, property valuation, and tax compliance, transportation and logistics, and business advisory needs. AI is the U.S. member firm of AI Holdings Group, Inc. AI is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Property Valuation, Transportation and Logistics, and Advisory services. We operate in 75 countries and have more than 3,500 people working in member firms around the world.
AI delivers a globally consistent set of multidisciplinary services based on deep industry knowledge. Our industry focus helps AI professionals develop a rich understanding of clients’ businesses and the insight, skills, and resources required to address industry-specific issues and opportunities.

Our history spans over two decades and features a number of significant mergers, most recently the combination of Assertive Industries, Inc. and AI Holding Group, Inc. International and their individual member firms, into AI Holdings International, Inc. 2014.

Our Objectives


At AI, our promise of professionalism to each other, our clients, and the markets we serve compels us to align our culture of integrity with our values, words, and actions.


At AI, we take our responsibility to each of our stakeholders and clients seriously. As an appraisal and auditing firm, we have a clear responsibility as a steward within the capital markets, as well as surety organizations to represent independence when approaching our work. Our obligation to provide the highest quality work underscores the services we offer, the employees we hire and promote, the clients we engage with, and the way we intersect with and invest in our communities.


Our mission is to promote best practice methodologies in the corporate environment. We believe reliability is the backbone of corporate stewardship and the glue that binds creativity and high performance.

Our Vision

By providing the necessary tools, education, services, resources, and certification programs that serve the needs of product manufacturers, government to service organizations worldwide we will continue to be a global leader.

Our mission is to be a global leader in all aspects of creativity, responsibility, and reliability that best serves our community. By providing the necessary tools, education, services, resources, and certification programs that serve the needs of product manufacturers, government to service organizations worldwide we will continue to be a global leader. We maintain this leadership by heavily investing in R&D, both from a theoretical and an IT standpoint. We continuously incorporate new and proven technologies into our solutions, enabling our customers to efficiently leverage our solutions in their day-to-day activities.

We will continue to grow our organization and serve our customers using the same uncompromising standards of excellence that have made us the company we are today.
We believe that our customers are the most important element of our success and we strive to make their needs our number one priority. To assure this, we recruit, train, develop and retain employees of exceptional character, ability and dedication by providing excellent working conditions, attractive benefits and great growth opportunities while providing a high level of employment security at the same time.

We embrace our social responsibilities and we strive to function as model corporate citizens on a local, national and international level.


Full Service Fixed Asset Management Solution

Assertive Industries, Inc. specializes in providing complete fixed asset physical inventory services, fixed asset auditing, asset bar-coding, asset appraisals, reconciliation services, personal property tax reviews, and the PEER Suite of products. AI’s 25+ year track record enables us to present fixed cost proposals with cost-benefit analysis to estimate client ROI. Fixed cost proposals are based on facility square footage and average $.09-.14/ square foot providing an immediate and substantial return on clients’ investment.

Fixed Asset Audit Services

Assertive Industries, Inc. conducts complete fixed asset inventory audits for many of America’s largest corporations. AI’s project teams efficiently conduct fixed asset inventory addressing and prioritizing material at risk of high netbook value assets. Our audit teams conduct wall-to-wall physical inventories collecting all the details- asset descriptions, location, department and cost center, manufacturer, model number, serial number, employee custodian, and bar-code number. AI’s inventory audit is a highly automated, systematic process that very quickly identifies your true “floor” inventory. Phantom assets are immediately identified in order to minimize personal property taxes and properly allocate depreciation expenses. AI conducts fixed asset physical inventory for Equifax, Whirlpool, General Dynamics, Excel Communications, ADVO, Medical University of South Carolina, Sun Microsystems, and many others. Find out how AI can conduct your fixed asset physical inventory today.

Fixed Asset Reconciliation Services

In conjunction with a complete bar-code physical inventory, Assertive Industries’ Financial Analysis division conducts a complete floor to book asset reconciliation to identify your true asset base. As part of a new ERP or Fixed Asset Management System implementation, AI plays a vital role in ensuring your system data is clean and accurately reflects your asset base. The reconciliation process maximizes personal property tax savings, insurance cost reductions, and warranty and service contract efficiency. Reconciliation savings cost justifies the project by typically yielding a 100% ROI.

Fixed Asset Policy and Procedure Reviews

Assertive Industries’ Business Analyst team works with you to develop and implement asset management policies and procedures that best fit your organization’s physical makeup, ERP Systems environment, centralized or decentralized purchasing and receiving, and human resource allocation. AI conducts fixed asset evaluations of the client’s fixed asset management workflow, systems, and current policies and procedures to recommend best practices enhancements. The onsite evaluation process includes analyzing flow charts, fixed asset policies and procedures, and interviewing key departmental personnel for input. Fixed asset systems, data audits, and asset management physical workflow are conducted to compile needs analysis reports. Speak with AI about our Fixed Asset Management Policy and Procedure Review service.

AI’s Team

Assertive Industries’ talented consultant team members have varied backgrounds and expertise and include accountants, architects, engineers, risk managers, software developers, and others. Asset inventory project teams consist of Senior Project Executive, Senior Project Manager, Data Manager, Account Executive, and Asset Technicians. All project team members are employees of AI, are college-educated, and graduates of AI’s “Center of Excellence” Data Collection Certification Program. Training topics at the “Center of Excellence” include utilizing PEER for PDA Portable Data Collection Program (PDCP) scanners, asset collection procedures, detecting and eliminating potential data discrepancies, and workplace etiquette- safety, security, and personal space issues.

In addition, Project Management attends the “Center of Excellence” Quality Control Certification Program. Certification training includes data review techniques, data verification requirements, data collection statistics, and project management policies and procedures. All project team members must update their certification every six months. The “Center of Excellence” strives for 99% accuracy, timely results, and continued development of cost-effective mutually beneficial solutions to the marketplace.

Project Capabilities

Assertive Industries, Inc. conducts fixed asset inventory/reconciliation nationwide for corporations like Equifax, IBM, The Zenith Insurance Co., Warner Brothers, Advanced Nutrients, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many others. Strong management teams, proprietary technology, and a systematic approach to the physical inventory/reconciliation process enable AI to consistently meet the challenges of urgent client project schedule timelines while remaining fiscally responsible. AI offers fixed pricing for easy budgeting and shorter non-open-ended projects.